Oro Tempo shapes the future

Oro Tempo has been launched more than 10 years ago. Its concept has evolved over the years and has slowly become the reference for a growing number of important players in the watchmaking and jewellery sectors. Thanks to a new dynamic vision, it is now the trade fair that you cannot miss for high quality watchmaking and jewellery in Belgium. It is also and foremost a meeting point for Belgians jewelers.

Oro Tempo’s new organizers – experienced professionals – have the goal of maximizing the sector’s visibility, by raising the fair’s standards and by meeting the current demands of the sector for a professional local trade fair.

Favoured meeting point for Belgian jewellery


The organizers want to make of Oro Tempo a place where Belgian jewelers can meet as many providers as possible, discover novelties and find inspiration, while being in an informal/friendly/cozy environment. Oro Tempo also wants to promote the sale of watches and jewellery to Belgian jewelers, putting forward the technical expertise of the profession. This will be done by hosting the brands and their distributors, who will in turn present their newest collections. Professionals will be able to meet in an environment based on trust. The fair is solely dedicated to professionals.

Oro Tempo 2.0: hot spot for the horology and jewellery sector

Oro Tempo wants to promote the presence of organisations that can raise the standards of professionalism in the sector and contribute to its development. Horology and jewellery schools, as well as institutes offering specialised courses to the sector will be represented. They will have the opportunity to introduce their work to the sector in a dedicated space, to contribute to workshops and to display their new techniques on different materials. Graduated students will be able attend professional speed dating sessions to meet potential employers.

A high quality marketing environment

Oro Tempo means: saving time, high visibility, a broader range of products, more visitors, a good price-efficiency ratio. But also: a high quality marketing environment aimed to professionals with an elegant catalogue, a strong media presence, professional photography and video footages that will be available for use to all exhibitors and jewelers. Very importantly – and dear to the organizers – Oro Tempo 2.0 conveys an enhanced and more pleasurable experience.

For more information about Oro Tempo as exhibitor or visitor:

Jan Orye, +32 (0)474 88 15 54, j.orye@orotempo.be,

Eric Döhnert, +32 (0)476 85 16 68, e.dohnert@orotempo.be.